The Science of a Vaping Pen

The Science of a Vaping Pen

The Science of a Vaping Pen

Today, there are many who are giving up their tobacco cigarettes. They are exchanging them for vape pens. These vape pens seem to be a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The reason vaping seems to be a safer alternative is that it exposes users to fewer of the harmful and sometimes fatal chemicals that cigarette smoking does. Here is a well-thought guide on how vaping pens work.

Do You Know What Vaping is?

Vaping is the process of inhaling vaporized nicotine through a device that uses electricity. Many call their device an e-cigarette because it produces the same sensation as smoking a cigarette. The vaporized nicotine is a liquid substance that goes into the device. The liquid nicotine, called vape juice, goes into the device and when you draw on the e-cigarette, the device turns the liquid into vapor.

What are the Components of a Vaping Device

There are several components to the vaping pen. They include the following, regardless of the size and shape of your vaping pen.

• Battery

• Atomizer

• Cartridge


The battery is the part of the vaping pen that creates the electricity needed to turn the vape juice from liquid to vapor. There is a tiny circuit board inside the battery. Without the lithium-ion battery to power the circuit board, your pen would not get any electricity.


The atomizer contains the equipment necessary for converting the vape juice into a vapor that you can inhale. There is usually a small wick and coil that is included in this part of your vaping pen.

There is a small resistor inside the atomizer. This resistor works to control the voltage given off by the circuit board. The amount of vapor you will receive with each drag of your vape pen will depend on the size of this resistor.


This is the part of the vaping pen the vaping juice goes into. The vaping juice is usually a liquid that you pour into the cartridge. The atomizer sits inside the cartridge. You attach the atomizer and cartridge to the battery and you are ready to go.

How Does Vaporization Work?

As physics would tell us, vaporization is when the liquid is turned into a gas substance. The liquid is converted by the user drawing on the mouthpiece of the vape pen. The vape juice is then converted by the atomizer into the gas substance.

The user will then inhale and exhale this gas substance. There is an entire science behind vaping. We will not get too involved in the electronics jargon. The science behind vaping includes a well-balanced ratio to Ohms.

In conclusion, this article discussed the science of vaping. We talked a little about the components of a caping pen. We discussed the work that goes into producing the liquid vape juice into gas like vapor substance that you can enjoy like a tobacco cigarette. We wrapped up our discussion with a little technical jargon on Ohms resistance.

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