How a Nursing Student Spends a Day: A Firsthand Account

When I started college, my first day turned out to be the most compelling experience of my life. A campus filled with more than 50,000 students, who were not really interested in knowing whether my future was going to be successful or a failure. Everybody had their own personal and academic objectives to fulfill, and it was the first time in my life I realized that my future was entirely on me.

I didn’t join the school to become a nurse, all the reason I was so keen on doing this project. I researched and wrote stories for Maryville University. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that the best possible way to help future students would be to give it a try myself.

This video highlights my day’s experiences as a nursing student at Maryville University. It may be really impossible to grasp the full understanding of being a nursing student in one day, but you will be quietly surprised to know that how much you can learn.

To satisfy those itching questions, I grabbed Google Glass and started recording my experiences at my campus. This video provides you firsthand knowledge, experiences you see with your naked eyes, of how you learn to be a nurse at Maryville University.

In Nursing School you will learn a lot

A Nursing student’s learning begins from collecting patient history along, along with practicing administering syringes on silicon, bags which is quite funny experience on its own. In nursing school, you are really given a chance to “upscale” your learning, a skill that helps you to get prepared to help others.

“I love being a nurse, it empowers me to help those in severe need,” says Maryville University student Anna Clarkson

Students start with learning the academic principles through lectures in classrooms. Their learning is advanced in the laboratory by practicing syringe insertion on rubbers bags, simulation dolls and sometimes on classmates. Nursing school gives an opportunity for students to do internships, which take place at hospitals and clinics where they develop their skills, gain knowledge about real medical situations and get prepared to sit for their NCLEX examination.

Support builds a ground for success in nursing school  

I was surprised to find out that nursing classes are small in Maryville when in general the schools I attended were full of students. I felt that our nursing classes were intentionally designed to be small so that they can provide best learning experience possible. Students in nursing schools take classes in cohort groups, learning the entire course together till the end.

“I got my second family in nursing school, we learned some much together, I will always remember them,” says Anna.

The faculty supports you till the end

I can say with full confidence say that the nursing faculty of Maryville University is the best faculty I have ever experienced in my life. Why I gave such a big statement is because I was so afraid to see a single drop of my blood let alone tending to severe wounds, the faculty helped me over come this fear. The people here are fully capable and have intense knowledge about nursing and several medical procedures. They not only teach you about nursing and overcoming your fears, but they also teach you about dealing with nervous and impatient patients.

“I learned not only nursing, but also how to deal with different types of patients, the professors are friendly and so keen on teaching,” said Peter Branson, another student of Maryville University.

Final Words

The demand for nurses is going to grow further in future, choosing the best school like Maryville is important to give you a head start. Even though a single day of my life in nursing school is not enough to provide you the in-depth knowledge about nursing, it’s sure to give you a general idea of how the education of nursing could be like. You have to take the decision of going to nursing school wisely, it’s such an honorable profession, but all I have to say is that Maryville University is the best institute for learning professional nursing.