Master Your Master’s in Public Administration


The scope of public administration is quite vast, as it is a subject in which we attempt to analyze how the general public is managed, and how the government is working towards the welfare of its people, encompassing all of the activities of the state.

The Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of South California (USC) is worth recognition due to its proficiency, vast quantity of information imparted, and the high achievements of the university alumni in the Public Administration field. USC serves as one of the oldest and most respected education institutions in California.

In 2017, USC placed number 4 out of 272 Schools of Public Affairs, as per U.S News and World Report.

Why USC is the Best Choice for an MPA

Helps you master your Master’s Degree

The Masters of Public Administration from USC ensures that your education is not only academic, but practical too. As students put their theoretical knowledge to practical use, they will become leaders in the Public Administration field.

Provides Efficiency in the Public Management Sector

An MHA from USC allows a student’s expertise to include other areas of study, ensuring that they will have a wide range of knowledge on many subjects that affect the Public Management sphere.

Completely Adjustable Environment

The most vital characteristic that USC grants you is a co-operative and adjustable environment in which you will easily adapt. Moreover, it allows you to connect with other students who are interested in USC’s online MPA program.


Studying towards an MPA from USC is for those who wish to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. Students are familiarized with everyday practices of state activities through both theoretical and practical exercises, making them well-suited for the work environment once they achieve their degree.