How Hobby Drone Become a Military Sniper

A new killer drone, named TIKAD, has launched. It is not like any deadly drones that you see over the years. This kind of drone is much more efficient than the big drones like the Reaper and the Predator. The newly developed multi copters can carry a grenade launcher, machine gun, or a sniper rifle.

Undoubtedly, the big drones can be controlled and operated from thousands of miles away. They have a flight path of five or ten thousand feet and can watch everything quickly happening below. But, these drones lead to loss of life and also cause a collateral damage. Urban warfare requires something with more refinement that can take out the sniper without damaging anything and doesn’t need the whole team to perform such tasks.

New Drone vs. Old Idea

The idea of launching arming small drones has been around for a few years. With that, this new drone TIKAD was purchased by Israel and might be the first used in the field. Back in 2012, the US Navy experimented with various arming quad copters but, ultimately they halted the project.

It’s just not the US military was exploring, but also the ISIS graduated were involved. After doing a lot of experiments, the researchers came to know that these hobby drones can hit vehicles from hundred feet with bombs that are adapted from 40mm grenades and could be stopped by U.S. jammers.

Fighting Against the War in Future

Duke’s Slogan “no boots on the ground” clearly signifies where armed drones can perform soldier’s job. Researchers say that drones like TIKAD have great functioning. Moreover, drones flight time can easily be adjusted and controlled by the one operator only. It doesn’t require the entire team to handle it.